HOw Dbox Works And Why it is unique

Dbox is different than any puzzle you have ever seen, with challenges you create and solve yourself - for endless Dbox challenges and solutions!

Dbox is a patented puzzle game consisting of a cubic unit (Fig. A) that can be attached or detached to several other units (Fig. B) to create three dimensional segments in any variety of shapes (Fig. C) which are all connected to solve an endless number of puzzle challenges (Fig. D).

There are two types of cubic units: Connector Units have one connecting pin and 5 holes (Fig. A - blue unit), while Receptor Units have holes on all sides (Fig. A - yellow unit). A segment is built out of two or more units arranged in a desired configuration (Fig. B and C). The proper arrangement of Segments produces a 3D solution to a Dbox challenge (FIg. D).

One thing that makes Dbox unique is that players can also work in reverse - first creating a solution and then defining the problem (the arrangement of segments required to build the solution. This is achieved by first creating a 3D shape and then breaking it into several segments for others to solve. It is recommended to draw or photograph your creation so you can challenge friends and/or yourself later. Submit your own Dbox challenges!

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